The more books the better.
It’s that simple.

Anne Feeley (1958-2012)
Founder, My Very Own Library

It all started in 2011 when founder, Anne Feeley had a realization that something more had to be done to generate excitement about reading for underserved students in her hometown of Newark, New Jersey. To read Anne’s personal origin story, please click HERE.

It was this vision, shared with local organizations and then Mayor of Newark and co-founder of My Very Own Library, Cory Booker, that sparked this literacy program which now operates in seven locations around the world. Unfortunately, Anne passed away in 2012 only one year after the inception of My Very Own Library, unable to see the evolution of her vision.

Today, My Very Own Library carries on its founder’s passion to develop children’s literacy skills while helping them foster a lifelong love of reading.

Our Mission

My Very Own Library is an international literacy program dedicated to fostering a lifelong love of reading in children at an early age while strengthening their literacy skills and helping them to build their very own home libraries. My Very Own Library works in coordination with local non-profit organizations in under-resourced schools in 7 locations internationally.

Our Impact

Since its inception My Very Own Library has created a sustainable model for transforming childhood literacy in underserved communities.

Students Served

in 7 communities, worldwide!

Books Distributed

since 2011 – and growing!

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