My Very Own Library
My Very Own Library
The Foundation for Newarks Future

Lead Underwriter of the My Very Own Library Project. Building Through Education and Opportunity.


My Very Own Library (MVOL) is underwritten by the Foundation for Newark's Future and by private philanthropist & MVOL founder, Mrs. Anne Feeley. The Foundation for Newark's Future (FNF) commitment to this project is aligned with their mission to support the City of Newark on their comprehensive reform strategy and to work closely with state, district and local leaders to support the following initiatives to improve the city's public schools.
To significantly enhance the educational outcomes of Newark's 45,000 school-aged children to insure college and career readiness by graduation.

To support and coordinate the highest quality, highest impact programs and approaches to education reform and youth development.

To provide high-impact support for Newark's most vulnerable student population, disaffected youth between the ages of 12-21.

To help Newark become a national model for dramatically improving outcomes for youth through a holistic, comprehensive approach.
The Foundation for Newarks Future
My Very Own Library

When children are provided with 10 to 20 self-selected children's books at the end of the regular school year, as many as 50 percent not only maintain their skills, but actually make reading gains.

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