My Very Own Library
My Very Own Library
School Participants
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13th Ave
359 13th Avenue
Newark, NJ 07103

Abington Ave
209 Abington Avenue
Newark, NJ 07107

Belmont Runyon
1 Belmont Runyon Way
Newark, NJ 07108

219 Avon Avenue
Newark, NJ 07108

Camden St
281 Camden Street
Newark, NJ 07103

Chancellor Ave
321 Chancellor Avenue
Newark, NJ 07112

Cleveland El
388 Bergen Street
Newark, NJ 07108
1 Colonnade Place
Newark, NJ 07104

Miller Street School
66 Muhammad Ali Boulevard
Newark, NJ 07108

Newton St
150 Newton Street
Newark, NJ 07103

Oliver St
104 Oliver Street
Newark, NJ 07105

Peshine Ave
433 Peshine Avenue
Newark, NJ 07108

Quitman St
21 Quitman Street
Newark, NJ 07103

Ridge St
735 Ridge Street
Newark, NJ 07104

South 17th Street School
619 South 17th Street
Newark, NJ 07103

Sussex Ave
307 Sussex Avenue
Newark, NJ 07107
CALIFORNIA School Participants Supported by:
Making Waves

Making Waves Academy
4123 Lakeside Drive
Richmond, CA 94806

School Participants
Supported by:
Dream Project

DREAM Center, Cabarete
DREAM Center Montessori
Barrio Blanco Montessori
Libertad Montessori
DREAN Center Montessori(Basica)
Islabon Public School K-4
DREAM Center Young Stars Alerta Joven
DREAM Center Young Stars
Barrio Blanco Young Stars
La Cienaga EJ
Puerto Cabarete - K-4
La Union Public School
La Union K-4 plus Young Stars
Villa Liberacion Public School K-4
Cangrejo Public School K-4
Caraballo DREAM School
Caraballo K-4
Caraballo Montessori
Mini-Book Fair, Abreu School
Abreu Montessori
Abreu K-5


Engaged readers want to learn; they take satisfaction in successful reading, and believe in their reading skills.

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